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Thread: Do any of you get e-mails about?

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    Does anyone ever get e-mails from company's that say

    "Get a first class, custom web site (or yours re-designed) for only $349 complete*"
    Don't settle for a cheapo "do-it-yourself, click-and-build". Let us build it however you want it to look!
    Includes up to 6 pages, java rollover buttons, feedback forms, more. It will be constructed to your taste and specifications using your logo, pictures you want to include, etc., and you will be able to view/modify during construction. We do not use templates. Our sites are completely custom. We have built hundreds of sites coast to coast and have references in your state, guaranteed!

    It's a fabulous deal for only $349! *You must pay hosting fees at $19.99/month (100 megs, 20 POP 3 email accounts, graphical statistics, control panel, Front Page extensions, more).

    I hate stuff like this, and I get even more mad when it provides a link at the bottom to remove myself from their list, yet, when I do that and send the e-mail back to them, I get a return e-mail that says there is no valid e-mail.

    I don't know, I wanted to tell them, why should I pay you to do this, I do this for a job, I can do it myself, and I do.

    I know we are all trying to market our skills, but when I get these random e-mails of this nature, I guess I'll call it spam, I can't stand it, becuase I have never heard of them, I did not sign up for their mailing list, and I don't plan on buying anything from them.

    What do you all think?


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    i think that you can't blame anybody for trying to make a little money, but there are certain limits, and offering to take you off the list, then sneakily keeping you on is overdoing it, there are certain limits that should not be passed

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    That's illegal spamming. You should trace back and prosecute them.
    Although it's not useful nowadays (here at brazil is TOTALLY useless trying something like this...)...

    Try making some inbox rules like Hotmail...
    Outlook (ok, M$ sucks and stuff, but I love Windows and Office, what can I do) has some nice feats in it.

    Leo Lima

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    A site for $349 is going to be one ugly site. Right out of a box. I say let them go at it. It makes the rest of our stuff look good Regards, Bill

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    I've been told if u go to that link that says remove u you'll get even more emails cuz now they know you exist. I never evenn open those emails I delete straight up.

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    First e-mail the idiot and ask politely to remove him from the list.

    If that doesn't work mailbomb the idiot. (Psychotic laughter in background)

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    ive always wondered how to do that, Explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    349$ is too much!


    I have a prospective customer who told me if I could beat a quote he got for $10 000 we could have the job.

    Few weeks later, he says he's been offered a site for free!

    At this rate I'll be paying my clients to work for them

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    who was he, i was offering sites for free as a promotion for a while, ooops, mabye it was him

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    No I don't think it was you amir. It was someone looking to get a portfolio together.

    I've done that myself, but working cheap tends to become a habit. Work free for charities and local community organisations, and charge companies is the way to go.

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    exactly what i did, i did a free one fro childrescures.com, (not up yet) and am working on one for cair-net.org

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    I get tons o' stuff like that every week! I think the most popular ones I got was "$25 000, You are a winner!" and "University Diplomas, Get it here"

    Pretty dang annoying!

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