Serious probs with Swish v. 1.52
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Thread: Serious probs with Swish v. 1.52

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    I downloaded the Swish version 1.52 and it seems to be workin fine within swish, but when I export it to .swf or test a movie in my browser, all the text seems to be translated into a foreign language and the images are in mono.

    I've tried everything to sort this out but Im lost. I havent a clue why this is happening and I need help URGENTLY.

    Many replies appreciated! Thanx People!

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    Once you pay for, and license the program, the problems will be fixed.

    You'll just have to re-export your .swf

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    If I were you, I would download the free trial (full working) of SWiSH V2 and register that instead.

    Otherwise, if you buy V1.5 and then discover V2 does what you need (its a much mor epowerful program), then you'll be up for the full cost of V2 .. so you'll end up paying a lot more than just buying V2 straight away.

    I think that well over 90% of the SWiSH users here would recommend an upgrade to v2.

    Go to and check if out.

    I don't want to see you wasting your money!!

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