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    how do i make text have a different coloured outline ?

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    im sure someone knows HELP i bet its damn easy im just n00000b!!

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    Uhm, make text, break apart text (select it, then ctrl+b) Copy it, paste in place on new layer, "transform" so it's a little bit bigger. Make this a different color (it will be your outline), cut it, paste it in place on the first layer, then, while it's still selected, send it to back. I think.... Modify--> arrange--> send to back. Not sure, but it's the basic idea.

    Prolly a better way to do it, but this is the first thing i thought of.


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    Keep it simple but lose the ability to edit the text :

    Break it apart and then just use the "outline" tool with what ever colour you want.

    Prob then is you can't just go back and re-type the text. It would need to be re-created if changes are needed.

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