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Thread: OMG FLA = deleted!! Recover from .swf?

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    Gday folks. This is only the second time I have needed help from these boards, the first time was much appreciated, and I'd really appreciate it again!

    I'm working on a website in flash for a school project I have to do, Panachronic (music company). Problem is, as you may now know, I lost my fla file! Infact I lost my whole panachronic directory, someone else in my family must have deleted it. Anyhow, after spending a day to recover from the horror of 30hrs of work possibly gone (no backups OMG), I thought about recovering from an swf file. Is this possible? And how? (with flash 5 mac).

    One problem there, is the swf files are protected. Now I have been in this industry enough to know there was a crack for that waaay back, and any help on me getting that would be sooo appreciated, as this is for totally legit purposes (wonder if thats what it was designed for in the first place?)

    As far as status goes, i was 95% done, have a few things to fix up. It can be seen in its current state at if yas want (/final indicating this is to be marked). In a few weeks I also intent to do a 1.1 revision of it to feature on a portfolio site of mine, no details on that yet, but panachronic was due to be the star feature (apart form the site itself, which should rip panachronic if all is pulled off well).

    So PLLLLEEEEASE, any help on this would be really appreciated. If this stuff cant be posted here (obviously), if you could email me any details to I really hope recovering from an swf file works :/ Prepared to spend a few hrs patching that up to continue working, but not another 20-30 to redo the whole thing (mb 15-20 second time round, but thats time I dont have with exams on now for me)

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    There's no way I know of to recover a FLA file from the SWF, but-
    There's a prog called SWF Browser you can get at
    It won't allow you to completely recover your FLA, but it will strip out some of the individual elements. That may help you to reconstruct things faster....

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    there's also the swf scanner:

    did not try any of these, but the scanner is said to be quite powerful.

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    swish 2 is great for recovering infos from swfs, simply import the swf as a sprite and you can manage it.

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