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Thread: Image Optimization Tip/Experience

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    Today I was building a flash version of an existing navigation which uses images and DHTML/Javascripted Layers...

    Trying to convince my client that the same could be achieved via flash with zippier results at less kb.

    Here's the deal: I had to import some images into the movie to copy the exact look and feel...one of my images was jpg at 7kb...

    However when I exported the flash movie it was a whopping 65kb! I was boggled...then I deleted the image in question, re-published and the SWF size went way down to 6kb, now I was really boggled...how could an image which raw is only 7KB bump my movie size up to 65kb!

    So what I did was take the same image into photoshop, save as PNG, and booyaa! my published SWF was only 10kb with little image quality lost...practically none...

    I guess I am just re-inforcing an idea i heard of that PNG was the way to go with images in flash!

    Happy creating...


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    cheers mate I'll be trying that out.


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