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Thread: framed pages

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    hi all

    i am trying to do a framed webpage.
    but say i have a flash object as my navigation bar, and when the user clicks on that, i want to load the page onto the centre main frame.
    how do i do that?

    i am currently using flash 5, so i only know i have to go to Actions, then getURL, then what do i specify in the window?
    "_centre" ??

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    er, let me see, I would use javascript, from flash you can call (something resembling)

    getUrl("javascript:window.open('www.yahoo.com', centreFrame);")

    where centreFrame is the id you have given the centre frame in your html.

    I think you might need to use _parent.centreFrame...

    Check out window.open on some javascript sites, and you'll get the idea...

    Good luck, Richard

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