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Thread: rollover menu ?

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    Hi All,
    Can any one tell me whether it is possible to have a menu open up ( buttons contained in a movie clip) and stay on stage for further navigation,on rolling over a button.

    I tried it like this,but does not work.
    1.On rollover,used tell target to play the menu movie clip,
    2.To remove mc from stage set visibility to 0 on rollout.

    But,by doing this,the menu won't remain on stage for further navigation.

    If I use On release instaed of rollover,the menu just stays on the stage unless iahve another button playing another mc.
    But I don't have any other mc or button on the stage.

    also trying to understand the track as menu option for buttons..what does it do ?
    Can anyone help.Would appreciate.

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    i'do this way:
    first button on rollover tells first menu to go and play frame 1 of the menu1 movie, since in frame 0 you put a stop action.
    no actions on rollout, since the second button on rollover tells the 1st menu to go to frame 0 and stop, and in the same time tells the second menu to go and play frame 1.
    and so on, with the bottom button making two things on rollover:
    telling the above menu to go to frame 0 and stop;
    telling its own menu to go to frame 1 and play.
    this tutorial may help you:

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