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Thread: Hope and Thanks

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    For all of you in other countries that have seen footage of falling bodies, heard stories of missing mothers, watched grown men sob like new-born babies, this is a list of things around me that have changed since Tuesday:

    1. Today I said the Pledge of Allegiance. The last time I'd said it was in elementary school. It'd been so long that I was afraid I wouldn't remember it, but I did.

    2. Fellow co-workers that complain constantly about needing a raise donated their entire paycheck to help people they've never met. Some lady on the news donated her unemployment check.

    3. A friend of mine would never donate blood because he was too afraid. Today he stood in line for six hours and donated for the very first time. He was on his cell phone crying half the time because he was so terrified, but he did it anyway.

    4. In a world of lawsuits and political correctness, my company gathered today in prayer. Every single person, regardless of belief dropped what they we doing to join the others. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and folks, I'm agnostic.

    5. No matter how hard you look, you can't find an American flag to purchase. In three days, they've completely sold out. Every house on my street has one up, and one of the houses has them lining the sidewalk... one about every three feet.

    6. A friend's son has served 20 years in the air-force and was due to retire this month. He had been looking forward to this for a year, had gotten a very good executive position in a tech company. Yesterday, he re-enlisted.

    These are the ONLY changes I've seen in my immediate surroundings. On Monday I felt like everyone and everything was rotting away with apathy. Now family, friends and coworkers are twice as nice, three times more grateful, infinetly more united.

    To all the people and countries that have gone out of their way to honor this loss, you can never be thanked enough. When Great Britain played out anthem during the changing of the guard, everyone at work including me was bawling. It means more to us than anyone could ever express.

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    Ditto..I too was very moved by national anthem by the british.

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    Thank you, toastee

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    it is true.i am british living in the uk and i too have noticed the turn around of peoples attitudes.the changing of the guard is a sacrid tradition in the uk and for the government to change it and play the american anthem was truly amazing.even sworn enemies are now becoming friends in the wake of this tragedy.

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