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Thread: burning flash file so it will play on a mac..

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    using a pc, i'm having some diffulty burning my flash work (.exe)(for mac?) to a cd that will work on a MAC.

    advice much appreciated.


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    first off, macs and pcs use a diff format on cds, so your gonna need to burn a mac/pc hybrid cd. this is sometimes called a mac/iso hybrid(i know adaptec toast and sony Discribe will burn this kind, some burners/software cant make a cross platform). secondly, an exe isn't gonna run on a mac, you need to use either swf(regular flash) or .hqx(mac version of exe) i cant really tell ya how to make a cross platform from a pc, ive only done it on macs but heres the basics, you need to make a hfs volume(its like a partition on a pc) containing your hqx and any .swf files you might be loading. now open your cd recording software and create a mac/iso disc (your burning software will prob be a little diff from mine, so i'll just give the basics) as the hfs volume, point it to your new drive(partition.) now insert your windows version files(the exe file and swfs)
    now burn your disc. Sorry if this doesn't really make any sense, its my windows translation of how to do somethin on a mac so i'm not even sure if it will work for you.

    (credit to the flash 5 bible and speciffically William Moschella for a tutorial on this, i just sorta copied it for you) if youve got the flash 5 bible, its on page 1217

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