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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001


    I want to know your opinion on this site

    the url: http://www.dierenartsrotteveel.nl/

    -Does it load quickly
    -How about the colors
    -Do you think it's to "busy" on the site?
    -Do you miss some things ( in designers view offcourse)
    -your opnion on whatsoever on the site
    -Does the chromeless window work ( do you know which
    versions of MI supports Chromeless windows? )

    Ow the language is Dutch so don't try to read it

    I hope you'll look at this site, I did loads of sitechecks ( didn't have time the last 3 months though)

    Thanks in advance
    [Edited by JorisRotteveel on 10-01-2001 at 04:00 AM]

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    Keeper of ubiquity bm289's Avatar
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    Jun 2001

    my opinion, my advice, my opus

    Well, on my PC 800Mhz, PIII, 256Ram and a 56K modem USA it loaded very very quickly and it functioned properly as far as i can tell without knowing dutch. The color scheme i found to be complimentary for what i think is an animal clinic. I liked it alot. It was simple to use and quick to grab attention. Overall i think it was a solid design.

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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001
    Thank you bm289 for your positive feedback

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    Senior Member mikeli's Avatar
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    Apr 2001
    Country NSW, Australia
    I can't believe my parents are from Den Haag and I don't speak a word of Dutch!

    Anyway, the site loaded quite quickly for me - 56ker

    I think the colours are great. Almost "clinical" in it's feel. Very easy to navigate. Fonts are good.

    I don't think it's too busy. The animations are good.

    Your choice of graphics on other pages is also good.

    Overall, I rate it highly.

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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001
    thanx for all this great feedback!!!

    Nice to know the site is quick on a 56K....( I have ADSL here so..)

    It's my first (complete) site so

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    I love your site, the colours the speed and above all how it opens in that window! Perhaps you can send me a quick tutorial on how you done that?

    I am curious, although my dad is Dutch (Nijmegan) I can't speak that much Dudtch, so I was unable to understand what it is about...so what is the site for?

    Nice one!


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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001


    Thanx!It's a site for a vetrenarian.

    The windows is called " chromelesswindows "

    I forgot where i got it...www.microbeans.com or something...
    just search in a forum here on flashkit and you'll find it!

    it's a nice tutorial and it is pretty much very easy to use!

    Thanx for your feedback!


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    Jan 2001
    Ha Joris,

    Hier eindelijk iemand die wel nederlands spreekt, wat een kneuzen zeg! ouders in nederland maar niet eens een woordje nederlands! maar goed. Ik heb je site bekeken en ik heb een paar aan/op merkingen.
    Ten eerste is het mij duidelijk dat de site voor een dierenarts is. Het publiek dat naar deze site zal surfen is in het algemeen dus publiek info wilt omdat hun beestje ziek is. Ze zoeken dus snel info zonder al te veel poespas. Dat is je goed gelukt.. Alleen zou ik zelf niet zo'n chromeless window gebruiken, ik weet niet precies waarom maar ik vind dat meer iets voor een design site inplaats voor en informative site. Je lettertype is redelijk, alleen (en dat komt door flash) vind ik het niet al te helder en scherp. Ik denk dat je hier niets aan kunt doen, maar misschien kan je een ander lettertype proberen die dit probleem minder heeft..?

    Maar voor de rest is het een perfecte site die goed aansluit bij de wensen van een dierenartsbezoeker. Misschien kan je er nog een soort "print" functie in maken zodat de mensen ook bijvoorbeeld de verschillende ziekten kunnen uitprinten.. Of je maakt er een word bestand van zodat de mensen wat informatie in huis kunnen halen over de ziektes van hun diertjes..

    Ik hoop dat ik je heb kunnen helpen/inspireren!

    Groeten, Demien

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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001
    Hey dank je voor de reactie!

    die fonts zijn lastig ja ,ik heb Verdana gebruikt omdat die het minst last heeft van flash ( zegt men). Chromeless ,daar heb ik bewust voor gekozen want aangezien de site aan de zijkanten een lijn heeft van 1 pixel, in een gewone window ziet het er raar uit ( klik maar eens op de link, GEBEURT ER NIETS? KLIK HIER, dan komt er een normal window omhoog).

    die print optie is een goeie!!! daar zal ik eens over denken ( Ik zit nu voor een half jaar in Zuid Afrika dus nu ff geen tijd!! druk bezig met stage dus)....

    Thanx voor je feedback erg handig!!!

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    Good Work

    First of all, thanks for posting on my threat...
    And, well, I don't speak nor read a word of Dutch if that's what your site language is in. But, I can tell you that, it looks very well organized for a FLASH site, which is very difficult to mantain and update unless I can see here is the case, is well built. Graphic wise I believe that all imagery works really well with your layout, clean cut and respect the color scheme you chose, which is appropiate with the veterinarian theme... So, overall, I would say that this web site servers its informational purpose as well as being very visually attractive...
    Good work, and by the way, I like the paw prints and background animations, I think it breaks with the monotony of other veterinarian websites...

    c ya
    check my site


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    Sep 2000
    I have a 56k and it loaded pretty quickly.
    I tried it in both n6.1 and ie5.5 and the chromeless thing worked in ie5.5.
    I think its very nice. Good job


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    -Does it load quickly - Yes, I am on a cable modem and it loaded instantly

    -How about the colors - I assume this is for an animal clinic. Green, is the perfect color, cause that is the color that I associate with a clinis.

    -Do you think it's to "busy" on the site? - No, everything is readable and clear, assuming that the visitor speaks Dutch.

    -Do you miss some things ( in designers view offcourse) - Maybe some mouseover sound, but the design serves its purpose well. Also I think that you should use the same green to color the Title Bar of your chromeless window.

    -your opnion on whatsoever on the site - I like it, especially the animal pictures.

    -Does the chromeless window work ( do you know which
    versions of MI supports Chromeless windows? )- Yes, but I don't recall offhand which versions support it.

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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001
    Thanks for all this positive feedback!! I am honored

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    Aug 2001
    Aus land
    nice site
    static but moving
    lotsof content

    chromeless window might not work on Netscape or MAC or earlier browsers

    but yea NICE SITE!!


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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001
    I made an extra link for those users thanx anyway

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    Loop Junkie calpomatt's Avatar
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    Hey, thanks for the feedback on my site. I appreciate it.

    Nice site you have here. The chromeless worked just fine for me. (IE 5)

    You did a good job in making a lot of content not seem overwhelming. Navigation was clear. I don't speak a lick of Dutch (aside from a few swear words my Dutch roommate taught me) and I understood what you were presenting pretty clearly. The layout and colors work well.

    One thing that kind of bothered me was how everything just popped onto the screen. I usually like some kind of fade in or something. Just a preference.

    Good work.

    - Matt

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    I liked the site. It loaded quickly and the navigation was great. Very easy to use.

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    United States Presidential Hopeful in 2028
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    Dec 2000
    I works. I think it is simple yet effective. I would guess that it is organized well, but I have no idea what I was doing. Just clicking on buttons and they all worked quickly. Nice job.

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    "way too many questions"
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    Feb 2001


    Thanx a lot for the feedback!!! great work guys

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    my initial reaction... oh no... not a chromless window

    BUT this is a fine example of how to use it correctly... very nice site and [i think] as someone else has stated, very clinical in its design

    oh and that kitten was just oh sooo cute

    good work JorisRotteveel


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