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Thread: Importing a txt file into an externaly loaded movie

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    hi ppl.

    what i m trying to do seems simple ...

    i have three things :

    a .txt file
    a main movie
    a small movie that i import in the main one.

    on a frame in the main movie that s what i do:

    loadMovie ("phonelist.swf","blank");

    simple and it works...

    in the small movie (phonelist) i import a txt file with variable etc.. it works too when i preview it...

    >>>>BUT when i run the main movie and click to load the small movie it loads it but missing the text file...


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    hi Mani.
    this is and intresting exercise
    just do the simple thing in the text option panel.
    add /: infront of the text field that u have given.
    your text field name is "input"
    then write

    surely this will work as I have done it before posting the reply.

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    Thanks for your response...
    it s stil not working for me...

    do you put the loadVariables("phonenames.txt","");
    in the main movie??? I need to put it in the small movie..

    i put the loadMovie ("phonelist.swf","blank"); in the main movie..

    weired no??

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