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    Fellow dynamic flashers,

    I want to use swift to generate dynamic menu content. I want to create a menu in Flash, and want to dynamicly add new menu items to the menu. I find a tutorial on the web [ www.flashgen.com ], but this one is intended for macromedia-generator. I can't get it to work in Swift or any other generator then macromedia generator [ too expensive )

    Any suggestions ?

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    There are several ways you can do this and you dont need to use generator or swift-generator.

    1 - you can use asp and access database.
    2 - PHP & Mysql
    3 - CGI & any compliant cgi database
    4 - use any of the 3 options above but with a flat text file.

    use the database or the text file to store your menu items. load them thru flash as you would with a guestbook and then you will have all the variables need for dynamic menu.

    I personally would use cgi/txt file if my site is sitting on unix server or asp & text file if it is sitting on an NT server.

    Reason for using a text file instead of a database, simply because the size and speed.

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    Thanx for the reply.
    You are saying that with a normal text file like ? [example] {
    menu1 = www.menu1.nl
    menu2 = www.menu2.nl
    menu3 = www.menu3.nl
    menu4 = www.menu4.nl
    Flash can read this textfile and then generate a flash swf file with these menu options. ?

    I would like to know where I can find a tutorial on this subject.

    thnx in advance

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