The final release of SWFSource may be delayed for some time. We are in the process of going through a merger with another company and that has put the project on hold as we are devoting 100% of our time to the merger and some of the projects involved. About 16 hours a day I am behind a misc. computer terminal somewhere programming... so it doesn't leave too much time for anything else if you know what I mean. Pretty cool stuff in the works...

In any case, I have had an idea and wanted to run it by some peoples.

Microsoft will be releasing its .NET framework in about a month. If you have not read up on it, do it now before you get left in the dust. .NET is going to change the industry so much it isn't even funny (when the linux guys all jump on the MS bandwagon before MS even releases the product you know MS has something really good).

In any case, I am debating rewriting SWFSource in C# as SWFSource.NET. This would allow the lib to be truly cross-platform, integrated with any language, dynamically generate internet content, etc., continuing the process of making SWFSource a million times better than anything else out there.

What does everyone think about this?