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Thread: How do I get a full Screen

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    Hi there
    Thanks for stopping in hope you can help ..

    Since the 800 x 600 display setting
    seems to be going quite the norm ..

    My question is as follows

    I want to create a back ground for my
    Insane Flash Animator movie

    I want the back ground to be displayed
    during the entire duration of the movie

    and I want the background to be the full screen size

    I created the movie as 800 x 600
    and added the j-peg back ground element

    Then I re-scaled it to the very edges on all 4 sides

    But when I uploaded to the host and view it
    Its too large

    Is there a way to tell Insane Flash Animator
    that this is the back ground and that it is
    to take the full screen at 800 x 600 when the
    browser is set to full screen
    you wont see a white edge
    or go larger than the veiwing area

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    That sounds like the sort of thing that can be controlled using the HTML associated with the SWF file.

    If anybody finds out how to tell the html to make the animation go full screen, then let us know and we'll include a feature for it - otherwise Macromedia's Flash may not allow it.

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    How do I get a full screen ?

    Hi Rob
    Thank You for responding
    I'm not sure I phrased my inquiry appropriately

    I'm not trying to force the browser into
    a full screen mode

    Heres a link so you can see what I mean


    I have experimented with like 15 different
    movie sizes and jpeg sizes ...

    I have come to the conclusion that in order
    to eliminate the scroll bars in full screen
    mode my movie SIZE has to be
    750 x 543 and the jpeg can be no larger
    or it will chop off the edges

    But once I publish to web
    The jpeg frame / border that I want to use
    for an outline doesnt fill the complete screen

    Even though the jpegs dimensions are the same
    size as the movie
    It still shows part of the back ground grey color

    I would not even need the background if my goal is
    If I didn't put in the grey back ground color
    it would show a white area around the jpeg frame
    which is less appealing

    In a nutshell I'm trying to get the j-peg
    frame / border Ive created to be the outer most
    edges of the screen with no other frame or edges
    Is this possible ?

    Regards: No Circuit

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