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    hello everyone. im really new to flash. umm.. i want to build a flash website. ive taken most of the lessons for Flash5, Fireworks and Dreamweaver. However, Im really clueless on which programs should i use to be able to create a Flash Website. Please enlighten me... thanks so much! :-)

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    I'm not at all good at Flash 5, but I use a program called SWiSH to do my Flash stuff. Go to the following site, and click the link in choice 2 to see some of the stuff I'm doing with SWiSH (and Swift 3D, what I use to make the 3D stuff) =o)


    SWiSH is quite easy to use, and gives you a general idea of how to do stuff with Flash. If you want to make a good Flash site easily, I highly recommend SWiSH. You can get it at:


    Hope that helped you in some way =o)

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    Smile thanks

    one more thing, how do i put it on the web after im finished with the movie?

    is there any code that i need to know?

    help! thanks!

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    Hi Demon,

    Obviously Flash...and then Fireworks as well as Photoshop for raster images, Illustrator for vector images.

    To put it on the web...first of all you need the web space...then just use a FTP program like Cute ftp to upload your HTML pages and te swf files.

    But most important of all...you need an idea for your site.


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