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Thread: How does "Please Wait" sample movie work?

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    Hello thanks for taking the time

    Heres me post see what you make of it.

    In Insane Flash Animator
    In the sample movie "Please Wait"
    How does it work?

    I go to advanced menue
    and I dont see morphed gears

    If I look at the paint details
    all I see is
    Element has properties <
    Allow Velocity <

    So I get a bit map or a jpeg
    and set those two options
    and my bitmap doesnt spin
    and frankly I didnt think it would
    there has to be more to it than that

    Maybe I'm missing something

    Can Any body help ?

    Aaaooh - Aaoooh

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    The secret is really very simple.

    The gears have "allow velocity" - then if you open up the 'Position' tree thingy - you'll see that the gears have been given an initial rotational velocity.

    Nothing else needed.

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