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Thread: A Simple " Blink Command "

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    Hello thanks for stopping by hope you can help
    Or maybe learn something from the replies..

    If you wanted a particular element

    Be it a bitmap or j-peg or a text title

    To flash on and off till you tell it to stop

    What type of a "simple" command would you
    use to initialize it ...

    I was hoping the " S H O W " options
    would have this option in the
    drop down window
    (ie Flash Repeat or Blink Repeat)
    with an adjustable flash rate and a show style

    Does any one know how to acheive this task
    obviously you don't wanna have to
    place a whole bunch of show and hide element
    just to have something blink on and off.

    Right ?

    Or would you just create a another movie
    like 2 seconds long with apropriate delays
    but wouldnt this second movie increase
    the file size significantly

    Any advice greatly appreciated ...

    No Circuit

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    I would have to agree with a_non_amous. What you said about adding a sub movie would also work greatly, and won't increase the file size anymore than it takes to perform the actions within it.


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