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Thread: online portfolio: HTML/PHP or Flash/PHP

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    online portfolio: HTML/PHP or Flash/PHP

    I have a question (dont know how to start). I want to make a online portfolio site with my flash-files in. Now I dont know if I should use Flash or HTML with PHP. Or should I combine both? My main goal is a nice looking site on which the informations aren't far away and I also want to change things like descriptions from every PC all over the world.
    greets, xyan.

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    Combine them...No question...
    Use flash only if thats all yer about...

    If you know more...show more

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    Well look at www.xyankali.de.vu! This is my portfolio site so far. I dont like the look much, my eyes are used to flash .

    OK I will try to combine them!
    thx for your post, xyan

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