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Thread: 3D Studio ---> Flash ?!?!

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    Anyone know anything about how to import and make flash movies using 3D studio max or any other 3d rendering applications??

    I need to create interactivity using 3D objects and environment (rooms, elevator,etc.)... can I have textured 3D or simple vector or what ?!?!

    Please gimme anything you know, tips, plug ins, links, etc.

    URGENT (as if it was not....!)


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    there are a few ways to do this.
    first off, the easiest and most effective- buy the "illustrate 4.0" plugin for max 2.5 and above- its about $400.00 and allows you to render and output directly to swf.
    export your scene as a .3ds mesh and pull into poser 4.0. turn on the cartoon shader and animate your scene. then export as a jpeg sequence. then pull the jpegs into photshop and save as .tif's. next, pull the tiffs into streamline or freehand then batch convert to illustrator eps and pull the whole sequence into flash. it's not the prettiest of the two and it is time consuming, but it does work.
    hope this helped.
    (of course you can always bring the jpegs into flash and have it trace them out but the file size severely increases and may cause slow down.)

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    Hey MCD,
    Do the anim. in 3DS and render as AVI. Open this in Adobe Premiere and export as GIF seg.
    Import this in Flash.

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    of course if someone out there has a render
    plugin for max that can put out .ai format
    (as rhino does I hear) all problems would be solved. I haven't found this mythical beast tho'
    have you?
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