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Thread: carnegie mellon university?

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    i am about to spend a semester at carnegie mellon university in Pittsburgh, (i am french). From over here it looked like a good choice becouse it sounded really good in technological stuff.(actually i am an art student
    who drifted to computer for art and as i knew the technologies for my "art" stuff, and was really interested i ended doing webdesign as a job. I wondered what was the reputation of this university in the states and canada (i intend to emigrate ). I read a thread where people said degrees were important on the market now to get jobs, but i am afrais people in america won't know about my french school so will my studies in Piitsburgh be a good thing for my CV?


    caroline KZ

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    My best friend from high school wen to carnegie mellon, got a good education, only managed to keep a 2.6 GPA, had no practical experience, and right out of school she still managed to score a $60,000 a year job where she learned everything on the job. All of her success based on the school that she went to - Carnegie Mellon.

    Good School.


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    thank u but what is 2,6 GPA?

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    That is about a C+ average.

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    thanks :-)

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    Yes, Carnagie Mellon is good - there'll be a nice network for you to work with if you do emigrate.

    Some other schools that have a good rep for graphic design in the US would be

    RISD - Rhode Island School of Design, better for undergrad than for graduate work, I think...
    Yale University - super credential but very competitive admissions
    Cal Arts - very good school with many top designers as temp faculty
    MIT Media Lab - if you have programming, this is the place to go, study with John Maeda and make some cool art
    Cranbrook University - with the death of one of the main forces there, I'm not sure how things are there now, but it has been a major influence in current US design
    ASU - Arizona State University.. a state school but a great faculty and a serious program
    UW - University of Washington.. again a state school but a great place for undergraduate work

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    ack... forgot to mention the european schools with some US cache...

    RCA - Royal College of Art is well respected
    Jan Van Eyck Akadamie always wins points
    Basel School of Design still has some weight (OK, this is my school so I may be biased, Long Live Modernism!)

    Also, if you've ever worked for Studio Dunbar in Holland or Meta Design in Germany, immediately add 20% to your salary request.

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    thank u very much for your advises. actually, i go to CMU through an exange programm of my own school (ecole nationale superieure de beaux arts, paris) so I hadn't all the schools you talk about in the list, but I am very interested by the media lab at MIT, too, although i yhink my tdchnical skills are not large enough yet to apply there!!!

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    Prepare yourself! CMU is a VERY technical place. And people work Very hard there.

    A place where they didn't for a long while offer a degree in Computer anything - just math or engineering. As for MIT? Well, a friend transferred from CMU to MIT and reported back that it was a much easier place.

    It will be worth it. The name is well known, and people always say, "Good school!".

    Good luck!

    This winter is supposed to be deep in Pgh, but whilst there, see the Carnegie Institutes, just down the street, the Andy Warhol museum, and leave time to participate in Spring Carnival. And don't forget to tour the neighborhoods - pgh's hills and valleyss make them uniqe.


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    Another good school in the US is SCAD Savanna College of Art and Design. I've seen alot of people with nice work come out of there. The school has a very good rep.. But it's truly expensive as all get out.

    I think that having a degree is extremly important but you have to have a really good portfolio to go anywher (in other words I think the portfolio plays more of a key role in future employment, and that the uni name is just an eye catcher)

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