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Thread: button help...anyone?

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    i'm trying to make a series of buttons on a page that create a trailing effect. what i'm looking to do is create a button that starts to play when rolled over and continues after the mouse has moved on to the next button (via a movie in the over state). i would also like to have several buttons activated at once, i.e., the trailing effect. if you can help me out with this, i'd appreciate it. thanks.

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    you have to use Tell Targets...put your movie for the rollover on the main timeline, then give it an instance name (for this example we will use "test")

    then on your button put

    on (rollOver) {

    Make sure your movie has a stop action on the first frame (it needs to be a blank keyframe...)

    Josh Dura

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    josh, thanks for the good words. i appreciate it.

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