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    Plutarian(From Pluto, stupid!) kitchee's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    -Im an Artist.
    -Im almost done with my degree.
    -I've focused on Fine art, Illustration, advertising.
    -I started getting into web design on my own.
    -I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours learning, using and BUYING all this TOP software.
    -I have a nice port of work and have been told it's in the top of the field.

    When I try to fing work these companies look at me like I have two F**king heads. "So you studied fine art?"
    Yes,look at the work I've done for this client and look at this award and that award. This is what I can do. Your designers can't even do that. Your company has no one who knows this software!!! You can use me.

    An in the end .....nothing.

    What the f**k can I do???

    Im about to give up on the web design thing if I can't get anything out of it.

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    Mar 2001
    Sucks, doesn't it? What can you do though? The industry is dried up. Hell, I'm living off of my credit cards.

    There is no work...anywhere. Recruiters are not accepting applications. No one is hiring. Only the very good and very experinced are being hired...and not for what they're worth.

    I'm seriously thinking of changing careers for the short term, just so I can bring home a paycheck. Maybe I'll come back to design later on. I hope so because I like to create and I'd love to do web design for a living. All I know is it's a scary thing to live off of credit cards, hoping that someone will call with a project for you.

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    Mar 2001
    That's too bad man. I was thinking about going into graphic arts but the industry was too unstable. Don't really know what to say. I keep hearing people say that in order to be seen by companies, you need to be well rounded. Frontend, Backend, all that stuff. Good luck.

    BTW....do you have any links to some of your fine art. I'd like to take a look at em. Get an idea of what I'm up against. Really though...I'd like to take a look at your work.

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    Plutarian(From Pluto, stupid!) kitchee's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    I having photos made of my work done soon.. I'll post something when its ready...

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