Can you guys tell me where can I post this ?

I'm trying to pay my trip to Amsterdam, and I wanted to know if I can find some temporary work in Holland or Germany.

This is the data:

Contact Information
Full Name: Martin Fasani
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Employment Information
Job Title: Design technologist
Description: A Design Technologist it's the guy who is part designer, part engineer and can bridge the gap between design and technology. This medium requires problem solvers who understand design as well as the underlying technologies. I think this is computer work, technical by definition, the delivery of information is equally important as the information itself. That's a little introduction of what I think is my actual work.
Skills Flash actionscript expert, ASP VBscript developer, Dbase knowledge (ADO) and integration with flash5.
Terms Temporary

Description My personal site about research / new media.
Description Trance Galaxy is an online mixer coded in flash5/PHP in team with Manuel Clement [] for his site
Description E-cards is a project involving SWF generation through ASP, saving data in the server side to produce customizable flash greeting cards.