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Thread: Dynamic Text and variables with XML and droplets

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    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    Having a list of news article headlines from a third-party vendor. (I can get this to display properly via the loadvariables command). They are displayed in dynamic text boxes. The headline is associated with a NewId #.

    I've found a way to pass that variable (NewID) back to the server so it knows which new article to grab, and it formats a dynamic page that outputs the news article body. So essentially, how do I instead of seeing the text page of:
    &title=Beastie Boys Label Goes Under&body=Beastie Boys have shut down their Grand Royal... I would like to go to the next frame of my movie that posts this info...

    I hope this makes some sort of sense. Anyone, Beuhler??

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    When you post XML place a space after the tags...

    < this is good / >

    Then we can see your XML...

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