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    I am trying to create a quiz for an educational site I'm working on. The quiz itself is in flash and uses FS commands to report the score to the HTML page. Unfortunately, every time I try it, it causes my browser to crash. I'm still learning javascript, so that could be the problem.

    The name of the movie is "testmovie" and here is the code I am using:

    function testmovie_DoFSCommand(command, args)
    if ( command == "score" )
    document.write(+ args);

    I'm also using some VBscript:

    // Catch FS Commands in IE, and pass them to the corresponding JavaScript function.

    Sub testmovie_FSCommand(ByVal command, ByVal args)
    call testmovie_DoFSCommand(command, args)
    end sub


    Any ideas? I'd appreciate any help anyone could give. And I apologize if this is a stupid question.

    Thanks, Jaime

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    If you are trying to send FSCommands to your Flash movie before it loads, it will crash your browser...

    Try setting a javascript variable on your html page like:
    flashLoaded = 0;

    Then in your Flash movie do an FSCommand("SetFlashLoaded")

    In your FSCommand section on your html page

    if (command = "SetFlashLoaded")
    flashLoaded = 1;

    Then you html page will know when it can send commands to your flash page...

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    Thanks so much. You are a life saver...

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