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Thread: Quick/easy sound question

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    Lets say you have a large song sound file in flash as part of your movie. I remember in flash 4 that you could click on a frame in that layer with the sound on it and it would play that frame, or you could hit the play button on the controller and it would start playing the sound from that position.

    It seems in flash 5 I can't get that to work. If I hit play and I am in the middle of the song it won't play. The reason I ask is that I am trying to sync up my movements to the music and it's a pain to have to play the whole song over and over again from the beginning.

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    Did you choose Stream on the sound Sync options? While editing a movie, Event sounds won't play unless it hits the frame that initiates the sound (in other words, it won't play during the middle of the song). If you choose Stream, they will. Also, just to double check, make sure Mute Sounds isn't checked under the Control menu. If this is all done, it should play fine.

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