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Thread: flash glitch or my stupidity?

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    this is really weird...

    after I am done with my movie (preloader and main scene), published and all, I tried to make some changes to the main scene just to see what it would look like. These changes increased about 10 frames at the beginning of the scene where the original scene (or frames) only start playing on the 10th frame. However... it doesn't work... When I test or export the movie it will not play those first 10 frames, in fact the movie does not look like it's changed at all, meaning that it will only play the 2nd scene from frame 10 even though it hasn't been instructed to do so anywhere.
    My preloader's ActionScript specifically points to scene 2 frame 1 and I've even tried giving it a label without luck... hheeeeeeelp!


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    Does your main scene frames 1-10 have ANY actionscripting in them?


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    actually I first tried it without anything, just the shape tween I wanted but then I thought that maybe it was passing so fast that I didn't notice it so just to make sure that I wasn't going to miss the tween, I added a stop action on the 9th frame but that's not supposed to affect the tween... is it???

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