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Thread: saving a text file from an .exe

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    pixel punkazz
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    I'm just looking for some advice here before I start this project.

    I need to take a questionaire that a user fills out from a flash presentation on CD and save it to the user's computer as .txt or whatever you think would work. The questions would appear in the file that it writes along with whatever answers the user filled in. Then, here comes the real fun part. If the user starts the presentation back up, and they have already filled out the questions, the info appears in the fields. Then, further down the road, I want to be able to pull the numbers or answers from the questionaire into other presentations.

    I am not a code warrior by the way. I know my actionscripting pretty well but this project is going to need some outside help from another language.

    Any advice, comments are as always much appreciated.

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    Its pretty simple- You are going to use FS Command Save (If you are using Flash 5 Projector) or you are going to use the appropriate FS Command with the 3'rd party app you choose to use to save text with.

    Then what you do is use the LoadVar Action to load your Vars from your Text File. Your second Frame of your movie should contain the Load Var action.

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