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Thread: does flashkit affliate with other open source flash sites?

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    hey flashers

    got a question does flashkit affliate with other open source flashsite preferable european ones found some work i submitted to flash kit on this site below


    not complaining about this tell the truth am pleasently surprised that some one has taken such a intrest in what i produce my question is have any other flashers found there work on sites theyve never submitted to

    would love to know

    the crow

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    I can't say as I ever submit much...maybe saying more about my work than anything

    I know Flashkit are sort of affiliated to a number of sites through internet.com but can't say as I've heard of the site you link to in your post.

    Might be worth mailing them to ask for details of where your source file was acquired from if you want to know more, I would!

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