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Thread: Help!! Colors

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    Colors Help!!!


    I'm not too familiar with the swatches that come with Flash, I went to a page on the net where this company took their time to put together a websafe palette organized by colors so is easier for designer to use.

    Could you take a look to this page http://www.lynda.com/hex.html and tell me what do you think about this palette.
    Tell me if you think is worth to go through all the trouble of adding color by color into a Flash swatch or if is not worth it becuase the web safe color swatch that come with flash 5 are better and if is so witch of the color palette that come witch Flash 5 should I use for the net?.



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    now a days, you don't really need to worry about the websafe 256 colour pallet. Something like 98 percent of people have monitors with 16m and chances are if they cant see more than 256, they can't view flash anyways. the one big exception to this is libraries, they tend to have older equipment and lower res monitors, btw the default flash palet is web safe, but any gradient you use is not...

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    the little arrow at top right of your swatch panel will, if clicked, offer a drop-down menu. To ensure that you have the web safe palette open, click on 'Web 216', that will give you the colors mentioned at http://www.lynda.com.
    Websafe colors have this in common, they will all have a combination of these hex values - 00/33/66/99/FF/CC
    e.g. Black is #000000, a light cream is #FFFFCC and so on.
    david p.

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