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Thread: PRELOADER help!!!

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    Can someone help me make a Preloader. Ive read so many different tutorials about preloaders but they are so confusing. The ones ive read, said to add key frames, but when i do that (i just right click my mouse and press add keyframes) mine looks different from the picture from the tutorials. AM i doing something wrong? Can someone help me. I am as Newbie as they come to flash, can someone explain exactley how to make a preloader? Thanks for you help!!

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    This is a very basic preloader, i'm assuming that is what you want, there is not loading percentage or anything, just the words loading flashing.

    Open your movie

    Click on Window->Panels->Scene

    Click the little + sign in the scene panel. a new scene will apear in the box above the + called scene 2. Drag that scene to the very top of the list.

    Now double click on "scene 2" and type preloader, click on scene one to deselect and then double click scene 1 and type movie

    Click on prealoader in the scene panel to edit that scene, it will be blank with nothing on it, don't worry, you haven't deleted you movie or anything.

    Now right click on the second frame of the timeline and choose insert keyframe. right click on the new keyframe you just inserted and choose action, now cut and paste this code into the actions panel that just popped up(if it wasn't already open):

    ifFrameLoaded ("movie", 100) {
    gotoAndPlay ("movie", 1);

    Change where it says 100 to whatever the last frame of scene "movie" is.

    Now right click on the third frame of preloader scene and insert this code:

    gotoAndPlay (1);

    hit ctrl-f8 to make a new movie clip, name it loading, and draw whatever animation you want, return to the main stage and make a new layer, drag an instance of "loading" onto the stage and your done.

    Hope this is easy enough to understand, it sounds like you might need to master a little bit more basic skills first though, if you haven't already, do all the lessons under Help->Lessons.

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    Thank you so much. Ive been trying to figure it out for awhile now. It worked perfectley!!! Thanks for all the detailed instructions. I hope you win the lottery today! =) thanks again!

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    Mine is more complicated, it don't seem to work http://www.leodadominico.com/time.html

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