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Thread: How do i make a basic scrolling marquee!!!

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    OK what i need is a basic scrolling marquee moveing from right to left. It will display text.(it will show events/news for my site) It does not madder to me if it uses an out side file or if i type it in flash. I would also like it to scroll indefinitly. when it gets to the end it starts over agen. This will be on a diffrent move that i will load into the main interface.( so when i change/update it viewers don't need to wait for the whole movie to download).
    thanks agen mike

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    You can make a scrolling marqueee using mask

    1) Type your text and make it a graphic symbol
    2) Motion tween it to move from one corner of the screen to the other corner
    3) In another layer just make a grapic symbol just to cover the scrolling area of the text.
    4) Right click on this layer and mask the layer
    5) So that the scrolling text is seen

    You can even load the text from external text file..there is tutorial avaliable in flashkit for loading external text files

    You can also make a simple scroll without mask also

    Hope i am clear


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    (Internet explorer only)

    <marquee>all the text you want to scroll</marquee>

    the extra switches for the <marquee> tag are these....

    align="top|bottom|middle" - alignment of marquee

    behavior="scroll|slide|alternate" (scroll = continous movement; slide = display once and then sit there; alternate = slide in and reverse out)

    direction="left|right" scroll direction

    loop="n" how many times to scroll

    scrollamount="n" scrollrate in pixels/time

    scrolldelay="n" milleseconds between scroll movements

    bgcolor="color" color of background behind text

    width="n" width in pixels of marquee

    height="n" height in pixels of marquee

    hspace="n" pixels to leave as buffer left and right of marquee

    vspace="n" pixels to leave as buffer above and below marquee

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    Thanks 2 you both, i got it

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