Hopefully this will prove of some use to the newer members in here or those that had never thought of it..

There are countless questions on "how do I do ..... etc" with regards to post counts, images, smilies etc so you can add this to "your FK" for future reference for your posting pleasure at FK


How to insert an image into your post

In your reply, use the following code:


Make sure you remove the *'s when you post though - they are here because if you don't put them in, the board will search for an image as the link will be "live" but for the purpose of this, I've used *'s otherwise you get a nice little red cross like this

Changing the appearance of your text

To make text underlined, bold or italic you need the following tags before the word you wish to use.

BOLD - this is [*b]your word[*/b] - Agian remove the *'s

underlined - this is [*u]underlined word[*/u]

italic - this is [*i]italic word[*/i]

small text - this is [*small]small text here[*/small]

Inserting a flash file

This will pretty much be used for your flash footer if you have one.

To do this, you need to add the following code in your post: (Bear in mind the size restrictions on the boards)

[*swf width="300" height="40" background="#000000"]http://www.yoururl.com/yourfooterfile.swf[*/swf]

remember to remove the *'s

An example of this embedding a swf into the post is my footer here:

.[swf width="300" height="40" background="#000000"]http://www.jameseyoung.co.uk/mousetrail03.swf[/swf].

If you need to test your footers for colour and function etc, you can check out the FOOTER TEST THREAD and for instructions on adding them and any restrictions by FK, check out ADDING A FLASH FOOTER INSTRUCTIONS

Quoting somebody or something

To quote somebody in an earlier post, you just have to click on the quote user tab below their post. If however you'd like to quote something else, you can do it like this:

[*quote]the quoted text will appear in here[*/quote] example:
the quoted text will appear in here

Adding bullet points

To do this if you're creating a list of some sort, just add this code at the top of your list:

[*list] - this starts the list

then for each bullet point, add this [**] remove one of the *'s as a * signifies the bullet

An example:

[list][*]bullet one[*]bullet two[*]bulet three


That is the how to bit, phew, it's going to be my longest post ever

Now the more common questions,

1. How do I get a title under my name?

although you'll be told by many members that post count doesn't mean anything, many people still ask. My count is high because I enjoy chatting with people in the lounge

Here is how the member post system works:

0-29: New Member
30-99: Member
100-249: Senior Member
250-499: Executive Member
500-999: FK Board Crew
1000+: FK Board Heavyweight

At 500, you can pick your own title and at 1000 you can also have a little pic under your name

2. How do I do "this" effect:

Make sure you check out the ADVANCED SEARCH feature on the boards before posting a brand new thread! It's at the top right of the thread on every page! You can be almost certain that any problem you're having will have been asked about and solved by earlier members so it's worth reading around a bit first!

If nothing, I always find I come across other useful information on non related problems or scripts etc while I'm looking.

3. Who has the most posts?

There is a simle answer to this, it's the enigma! (unless you count Jezza's bugboy admin account )

4. I'm having trouble with preloaders.

Use the advanced search feature above, there are literally hundreds of threads on preloaders of all styles and types. Most useful!

5. Where can I find a good host for my site?

Again, a topic covered by countless threads already but here are some good ones:


6. How do I add smilies to my posts?

A list of the default smilies on the boards can be found here:


If you want extra smilies, you should check out THIS SMILIES WEBSITE they even have links direct to the smilies so can copy and past the code for any extra smilies you might want.

7. How do I make a pop up window?

This is a very common question on the boards, it has been covered countless times but the best thread on how to do this is here courtesy of GreatGooglyWoogly:


8. Where can I find some cool sites?

Check out this thread for the most comprehensive list of cool sites available



Well, this should cover some of the more common FAQ's I've seen on the boards, I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them at the moment. There are help files and announcements at the top of each forum and they are pinned topics so you can always refer to them if you're stuck. I hope this helps in some way

Remember, if you see something you think might be useful to you in the future, add it to your FK folder, the button is at the top and bottom of each thread next to the "post new reply" and "post new thread" button. I've found this to be invaluable in my time on these boards and have saved me having to post countless threads to find out information.