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Thread: Really Strange loading problem... Please Help ASAP

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    Alright, here's the deal:

    I have a realitvly small movie (about 333k) that I load as a menu system for a presentation. It links to a few other movies that load in place of it (level 0), all running at the same frame rate and size movie. The problem comes up when the user clicks on a button in any of these secondary movies to come back to the menu system movie.

    It loads it(menu), then freezes the mouse entierly as if in the over state of a button. (As in little hand, but no clicks work...)Flash track players work, as do movie clips with motion tweens(They play) but no interactivity...

    I tried loading another movie in the middle, and the AS worked to do that, but same problem: I can load any movie out of it, which will work fine, but no movies coming back into it or the problem above.

    Any ideas?? Goin crazy here!

    Thanks in advance, DS

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    Post Bizarre!

    All I can say is this problem is bizarre. How are you linking the flash movies? Is it inside a projector or embedded into a website?

    The way I'd tackle this would be to have separate .swf movies that are viewed through a web browser. This has the advantage of cross platform compatability as Windows, Mac, Linux & QNX should all be able to view it (Projectors are only available under Windows and Mac). You'd then use GetURL function to switch between the movies.

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    Not sure if you have found a solution yet, if you have can you let me know.

    What I do know is its a Windows 98 bug. It'll work fine on 2000 and on Mac but freezes on Microsofts 98 bag of ****e.

    I've spent hours looking for a solution, Macromedia don't seem to care and loading the next swf into a new level only works once. One possible, but crap solution, is to make each swf an exe and link to the next quitting the one the user is on.

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    Windows 98 Bug

    Don't you just love Microshaft products!
    I gave up on Microsoft Office quite some time ago, and at one stage, got so fed up of Windows 95 (B) crashing, I moved to Linux and PC-DOS/Windows 3.11 (which runs beautifully on a P133 with 64MB RAM)
    These days, I'm running Windows NT Workstation 4.0sp6A which has improved the performance a little but means I need DOS for all my gaming. As far as documents, etc are concirned, I'm using either Dreamweaver, Flash, Director or StarOffice for my work.
    I only use Windows because the applications I use will only work on Windows. If they were available under Linux, I would go that way.

    Anyway, that's my $0.02 worth.

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