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Thread: help! i keep getting the NaN!

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    basically i keep getting NaN (not a number) returned to me when i am sending a variable back from my access database.

    i've done it in a quiz. first off a user joins the test and their info is saved to a database. next they begin the test. if they choose to leave their test is then saved so they can continue later.
    thing is if its their first time and they come back to continue their first test flash doesnt recognize the variable passed back. it works the second and every other time but the first time it doesnt.

    weird thing is that it outputs the correct information, a 1.
    but i guess flash doesnt know what it is because when i try to use it either as a string or a number it doesnt get it.
    if i try to add it, Number(variable) etc. i get the NaN.

    i thought it may be the database so i've switched it numerous times between number, text and bolean but still nothing.

    does anyone know what i am talking about?

    or point me in a direction to get more info on this?
    the only thing i can figure out is that flash isnt understanding the variable when it is passed the first time, but that is totally weird because it understands the second time...

    thanks in advance

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    Maybe You can try:

    variable=parseInt(Access_variable); // for the first time
    If not, then I don´t know...


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