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Thread: Basic expressions/Variables

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    I am new to Flash and am trying to learn the basics of scripting.
    I have tried to make a basic table where I give someone the option of getting their 'lucky number' I followed all steps I thought necessary giving the input text and dynamic text with a button. But when I test this it does not do what I expected , my titles (Age, Day Month and year all dissapear when I try to input numbers giving me a resulting answer of nonsense.
    How do I set something like this up properly to give me fields after my titles for the data to be entered without losing the titles themselves and having it give the correct answer ???

    Confused then email me please

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    I don`t know the algorythm which Use use for lucky number, but here some clues:

    On the stage place:

    for every title (age, month, day,result) Static Text field...
    for input place Input Text fields and name variables
    for example:

    strAge // Age
    strMonth // month
    strDay // Day

    and to display the result, place Dynamic Text Field named:

    if You are using numbers for counting lucky number then
    use for example:
    Write, if something is not clear...


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