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Thread: please can you give me a step by step guid on how to make a flash movie

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    please can you give me a step by step guid on how to make a flash movie

    with flash 5 please

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    That is a pretty tall order for a single thread. I'd recommend picking up a book: Foundation Flash 5 by Friend of Ed should start you out right. Also, there are numerous tutorials available online. Check here in Flashkit tutorials. you are going to have to learn the basics before you can dash headlong into creating an entire movie.

    For a summary of how to create a moveie, go here:

    After you've read through it, you should stop here and practice with tutorials that sound interesting to you:

    If you have any questions, post here on Flashkit. Good luck on your journey!


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    Thats a really broad topic but this is generally how i do it:

    First you need to write a list of all of your goals for the movie. You need to list all the major aspects of the movie and how much content you are going to have.

    Next think about the audience you have, are you designing for 60 year old farts in some office or are you designing for a bunch of teenagers or something in between or all of the above? depending on the answer to this, you will need to choose colours, music style, effects, logo, etc.... A flashy metalic site will not entertain some buissnessman whereas some static page with no effects will appear lame to a teenager.

    Another major aspect to consider is mood, are you looking for a tranquil feel or peace or are you going for a cool, hard core rock band feel? This will affect what kinds of colours/music you use.

    Once you know all this, get a piece of graphing paper and start drawing, determind how much size you need for each element of your page. A site with pages upon pages of legal documents will need much more space alloted for text than a site with just some contact info and a portfolio. Figure out how many menu items you need and design your menu on paper. bassically you want to sketch the whole site roughly.

    The next big step is to make a dummy movie the dimensions you chose and test it at different resolutions, there is nothing more frustrating than figuring out after youve built the whole dang thing that it isn't scalable to 800x600 or somethin.

    Once you have a basic design and have made sure your movie will work, its time to start drawing. I ussually make each part of my site in sepperate movie clips and arrange them on the stage later. You can use some basic actionscript to control how they play. You don't have to design like this, but it makes updating your movie or tweaking it or making changes to anything a ton easier.

    Once your site is sort of halfway done enough that you can see the basic form and style, i recomend beta testing it either with live people or on the site check forums here.

    And lastly when you run into problems, feel free to ask the helpful people here at flash kit.

    This is a bit generic but it gives the basic steps to how to make a movie, there are definatly other ways to do it, but this is the way that works for me, experiment and you will come up with your own method that works well for you.

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    anyone besides me find it funny that "neo the flash master" asked a pretty basic question? Just thought i'd pipe in with that.

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    To the waters and the wild

    with a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping....

    What's with all the cool sigs? I leave for amonth or so and come back and everyone's suddenly a poet - not that I'm complaining

    Here's a step by step guide:

    1) Launch Flash 5, go directly to Help->Lessons.
    2) Do them all.
    3) Go to Help->Samples.
    4) Review them thoroughly.
    5) Go to Cool Sites FK forum.
    6) Look at them (filtering out any self aggrandizing spam the moderators might have missed.)
    7) Get an idea of what you like and don't like in design - make notes of things you need/want to learn how to do.
    8) Go to the tutorials forum on FK and find tutorials on what you need/want to learn.
    9) Come back here, eventually, tearing your hair out after 18 cups of coffee in as many hours, and post that you're trying to figure out why your (*&^!! thing isn't working.
    10) Wait patiently while those of us who've also teetered on the edge of sanity can type in some appropriate response that will both calm you down, and help you out.

    Let me know if you need a step by step guide to life


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    can ya finish this one too?

    Death will come when thou art dead,
    Soon, too soon--
    Sleep will come when thou art fled;
    Of neither would I ask the boon
    I ask of thee, belovèd Night--

    -darque9 quoting a wonderful poet

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    Okay - you win. I'd hazard a guess that it's Mangan or Yeats - it has that feel about it, but I don't know.

    The winner is.... (drumroll)..... ??

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    close, but no cigar.

    PB Shelley

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    Seeing as you are a flash master, shouldn't you know?

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