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    i'm meeting with a client this weekend to take pictures of prepared gourmet food which will be displayed on the website. honestly I really don't know much about photography, and was wondering if anybody has any quick tips to help me out. lighting, etc.

    i will be using a sony dcr-pc1 digital camcorder/camera, and then making them look pretty (hopefully) in photoshop.

    thanks for your reply

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    since it's a digital camera, what is the pixel rate on it?

    Though I've got the mother of Sony digital cameras-Mavica CD-1000, stores on 3" cds with a 10x/20x optical/digital zoom- (it functions exactly like a film SLR camera, lots of bells and whistles) I've found some tricks that sharpen images up a bit.

    Best thing I've found, especially when the images are going to be on the Internet, is to take them at at least twice the image size than you'll need. If they're grainy at that size when on the computer, dropping the image dimensions by at least half will really sharpen them up alot.

    Since the camera you're listing probably stores on memory sticks, have enough with you so you don't have to sacrifice image quality to get all the shots you need.

    I'm a bit spoiled with my camera, I can get about 400 images on one disk at 1024x768.

    Good Luck,


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    Depending on what your final product will be.. Shoot the products against a HIGH contrast background to make editing or cutting easier.

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    Red face another tip

    Hey man,

    I've also this kind of camera.

    take care of few things... try with and without the flash, more often it's better without...even inside (and it's easier to edit in photoshop) also there is this button (with the little flower) which is the macro...so I don't know exactly what kind of pic you're gonna take but, under half a meter, you've to press that button otherwise your picture will be totally blured !

    OK, i think I'm done with my tips on this camera...if you have one, try to take "real" pictures...sometimes it's better too !! more expensive, but paid by the client..so ... !



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    Take your pics on a black table cloth, white dishes...makes the cutting of images alot smoother. Also, if the food is steaming...make sure you don't get your lens all fogged up.

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