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    I didn't see anyone asking about this anywhere, but is there a way to improve jpeg image quality in flash. I use a slide scanner/photoshop to size and correct images. The quality is outstanding, but when I import them into a flash movie they get altered and don't look as crisp. Is there some way to prevent this?

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    Well...when you are creating your .swf file, you have the option to change the jpeg quality. By default, it's usually at 50% I think. Bump it up as high as you need to. Just reallize that it make the file size bigger.

    I noticed a slight rough pixelated look in my graphic for this site. What I did to make it look smoother was change it to a graphic(insert > convert to symbol > graphic), then go to instance > effects > advanced and change one of the RGB values in the right column to 1 or 2. It made the image a lot smoother and didn't really alter the color that much. Don't know why...but it worked.

    Try those out and see if it makes the picture look better.

    - Matt

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    imported jpg in flash

    I am considerably new to flash. You might be knowing this but I would like to tell you anyway.

    After you saved a file, go to edit >preferences >clipboard. Set resoultion to 300 and quality best and then import the file. It improves the importing quality.

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