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    Hello, I'm not a programmer but I'm pretending. If someone can help me out with some simple Javascript that would be great. I keep getting "Javascript Application" warnings when trying to close a pop-up window.

    Check it out...
    go to work, view samples, click on a thumbnail, then click to enlarge, then click "Close Window"



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    Hi there,
    I'm also not a programmer but am trying. Looking at the source you seem to be hyperlinking within the window to another url which then attempts to close this url. When I did it in IE5 I got a message - 'a browser is trying to close this window - do you want to close it? - YES/NO'
    Can't you put the closing script in the source of the window itself?

    Try the following (There is DEFINITELY a more elegant way of doing this but I think this will work):-

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    function closeit() {

    Put your stuff here, and then for the 'closing' gif do:-

    <A HREF=#dummy onClick = "closeit()"><IMG SRC="../images/yourclose.gif" WIDTH="169" HEIGHT="34" BORDER="0"></A></TD>

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