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Thread: Need Help Fast

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    I need a fast response, hence the post here. How do I get rid of these damn blurry effect on my pixel font? I made sure everything is lined up in whole numbers in the x and y positions. Why is it still blurry?

    This is what I mean:

    Thanks in advance,

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    depending on the font, you might have to have the size in increments of 8, etc..

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    The font is hooge, and it's suppose to be at 8pt. I still don't know why it's still blurry.

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    If the font is 8pt and the x and y position are whole numbers (from the top left corner, not the middle), then the only other thing I can think of is the text needs to be left aligned.

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    if the fonts in a button / clip, make sure its a whole # in there, and make sure the button is a whole # x / y position, too? I dunno.

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