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Thread: can anyone guess how I did it?

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    So far, I have 23 Flash examples.

    The last flash example I put in is a simulation of rotating a complex 3D model...can anyone guess how I did it?

    any input would be great!!!


    dave sharek

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    Cool, I liked the duck I did notice that your scrolling menu jumps when you scroll across to the last menu and you keep pressing the button, it jumps to the edge of the page and bounces back.

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    that scrolling menu intentionally bounces, I thought it would be more interesting then to do nothing, but you are not the first person to comment on that, I may have to rethink that aspect of the menu...thanks for the input!


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    I think it looks sleek and clean. I like the way the menu bounces backs. My suggestion is that the fonts don't work.
    The menu fonts and The splash page are fine, but I really didn't like the other fonts on the site. I think the site is futuristic and 3Dish but the fonts plain.

    How about making those links (flashkit etc...) light up when rolled-over, maybe in orange, same color as the menu buttons? just a thought.

    The steel doors are tight!


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    cheers renee,

    youre right about the fonts...im in the middle of deciding which one i am going to use...as for the links on the left...i agree with you, the thing is, they are comming from a text file, and i havent got around to thinking of a way to make them change colour...any ideas? im thinking this is an easy one...just a bit lower on my priorities for the site, but thanks for the advice!


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