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Thread: movieclip stops on mouseout

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    I have made a button with a movieclip inside...when I roll over the movieclip starts playing, and when I remove the mouse the button returns the it's original state. The problem is that I want the movieclip to finish even if the mouse is removed from the button - can anyone help me ?

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    say instead of placing the movie clip inside the over state of your button, you need to make the first frame(of the movie clip) blank, put a stop action on the first frame and stick the mc on the main timeline over the button, and give the mc an instance name, then put some code on the button that is like this:

    On rollover:
    telltarget (/mcinstancename)

    This code isn't quite right, just rebuild it in flash.

    I made a sample file about this a while back, you can get it from the junk bin section of my site:


    Its called "continue mouseover animation on mouse out" or somethin like that.

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    Thx mate it's working perfect now

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