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    I have recently created a 2 files, "mypage.swf" and "mypage.html" I want to open my html file in my simple text document but it is saying the file is too large. The html file is 97k (41,000 bytes) Is there something else I need to do to be able to open and edit this document in simple text editor.

    please help

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    Why is your HTML file so large? It'll take awhile to load for many people. You should try to keep the file at least below 50k.

    You could try downloading a free HTML editor and open the file in that if Simple Text isn't happy.


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    ok, but my flash file really isnt that large. How can a make a flash file that is just one scene smaller. I am confused. I will be publishing my portfolio online, it has 3 sections( a lot of info) how can a make this file smaller than 97k...

    thanx for your input

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