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Thread: projector, jstart and powerpoint files

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    i am in the middle of making a flash projector file that will end up on a cd. it is basically just a flash interface with links to a bunch of .pdf, .doc, and powerpoint files. i bought jstart/jhelpor, and am using it with the fscommand to open the files in their default application.

    the problem: for the powerpoint files, it gives me an error message saying the path or filename is invalid and doesn't open the file, but opens powerpoint. i tried using the argument WIN%\powerpnt.exe, which would find powerpoint and open the file, but it would also give me an error message about the wrong directory or something (i am having a hard time remembering--hey, it was at the end of 2 12+ hour work days in a row).

    any thoughts on how to get it to work with no error message?



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    Loads PowerPoint but not the presentation (Hmmm)

    With the powerpoint presentation, Does the path or filename contain any spaces?
    This is a problem I've been stung by many times.
    Try enclosing the filename and path in "quotes". This tells Windows that the filename is all one argument, not multiple.
    e.g. if the file is \powerpoint presentations\some file.ppt,
    try using POWERPNT.EXE "\powerpoint presentations\some file.ppt".

    The other thing you can try is replacing spaces with underscores.
    e.g. POWERPNT.EXE \powerpoint_presentations\some_file.ppt

    This is a problem I've struck time and time again under Linux. This trick works under Windows and unix, another Linux trick is to put backslashes before each space but since Windows uses that character as a directory separator, that probably won't work.

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    thanks for the tip. sadly, the file names don't have any spaces. i ended up converting the .ppt files to .pps (the slide show version) and they play fine. but i had to add a button that allowed the users to explore the contents of the cd, so they could save the .ppt files to their hard drives if they want to edit them. thanks, though.


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    The argument WIN%\powerpnt.exe will not work because the powerpnt.exe doesn't reside in the windows directory.

    If the user has powerpoint installed on their machine then you can specify the name of the file and it will open up in the default assoicated app i.e Powerpoint

    try in JTools JHelor :

    Parmeters :


    Please read the JTools Help -> JTools - JStart

    Hope this helps

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    I tried just what you suggest first, and it didn't work. It would open PowerPoint, but not the file. Then I tried adding the WIN%\powerpnt.exe. Strangely, it would open both PowerPoint and the file, but with an error message about an invalid directory or something.

    So I gave up on the .ppt files and just used .pps files, which played fine as a slide show. Then I used JStart to allow them to open an explorer window to browse the folder of the .ppt files if they wanted to save/edit the original file. So it ended up working okay for the client, I just was wondering why it wouldn't open the .ppt files.



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