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Thread: launching mpeg movie from projector movie

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    Can anyone help with this:

    I am trying to launch an mpeg movie from a projector movie. All are contained on the same CD in the same directory.

    ANY IDEAS - URGENT...!!!

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    Check out SWF Studio at http://www.northcode.com and if you have any problems, give me a shout. You can find an example of using SWF Studio to play video from a Flash projector at http://www.northcode.net/studio/examples/flashtv.zip

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    You can use a command line method to open a video file in it's default application..

    and you can also use 3rd party tools.. I offer two freeware applications that do this in addition to northcode's tools there is also ***********'s..

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    just did this....

    i just built a swf....put it in an autorun self executalbe director projector....had buttons to call movies...this was all i used and works fine...

    on (release) {
    fscommand ("exec", "mplayer2.exe");
    getURL ("200_150_cinepak_300datarate_bettersound_100%.avi ", "_blank");

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    You can do this using a combination of ***********



    and JStart - LOCAL Command


    See the Jugglor Help file -> Tips for more information

    We also suggest you take a look at this example file

    It will launch an avi, html, pdf and mpg from the root of juggled file i.e CD directory.


    p.s It will also alway stay on top on the projector file and not behind it.

    Email us if you have any further questions

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