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Thread: Ok.. HOW do I make THESE?

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    oops i made a mistake, i meant the difference between exporting and rendering out?

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    Sorry...I don't know. I'm poor so I'm using the free version of Strata 3D and I don't think it has an Export feature (or at least I haven't found it yet). Typically though, when you export something, it's just saving it as a different file format for use with another application...

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    Okay - so where are some tutorials on this thing? What about colors and textures? Thanks.

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    Do you want tutorials on Strata3D? Check their site...that's how I learned it.

    As far as tutorials on how to do the images, I ran across these a few days ago and thought I would pass them along: http://www.blastbros.com/forum/forum...itle=Tutorials

    Part 1 covers the 3D app. They used Cinema4D XL. Yeah, some of the details will be different depending on the 3D app you're using, but the principles are the same. They did a good job of showing how to build up your 3D junk.

    Part 2 covers Photoshop.

    I'm putting together a tutorial of my own for some people who have been asking a lot of questions. I was goofing off when I should have been working and did this: http://home.earthlink.net/~jtnorris/...paper_demo.jpg. I'm going to write up a step-by-step when I have time (I've got 4 pages of notes I wrote while I was doing it.) If you all are interested, I will post it here when I finish along with the 3D model and the Photoshop file so you can rip it apart or follow along or whatever.

    As far as colors, there are different approaches. The tutorials I linked to show doing the color in the 3D app. I tend to just ignore color in there...and about the only texture I use is a chrome/mirror texture just to add some reflections. I do all the coloring when I get it into Photoshop using adjustment layers and masks. Also, I tend to layer textures in Photoshop too. In the wallpaper example above, I layered in a brushed metal texture I created in Photoshop, a photo of a metal wall with some bolts and a sign, and a photo of chipped paint. I adjust all of these with blend modes, opacity, and masks to get the effect I want.

    Oh...one more set of tutorials: Check out http://www.adobeevangelists.com -- the Photoshop section -- especially the one called "Basic Layers". The woman who did these was an instructor at PhotoshopWorld in September...and I really learned a lot from her classes.

    Oops...I've got to get ready for work. More later when I have more time...


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