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Thread: calling for.exe from an `html embeded .swf`

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    I experience a problem while trying to call upon a .exe flash standalone file from within a web page.
    I embed an .swf file into the dreamweaver`s .html file and from this .swf I call (by the assistance of exec command) for the .exe flash standalone file which is located in the very same HD directory in which are both the .swf and the .html hosts.
    Now, If I activate the .swf by itself it succeeds in loading the .exe file but if instead I begin with the .html which loads the .swf embeded in it, the .swf does not manage to load the .exe !!!
    I am using flash 5.
    Please, your assistance...

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    This happens becuase the FS Command Only passes 2 things to the native app. The command name and an argument.

    The Flash projector has a number of built in commands where as the web browser doesn't have any. In order for this to work, and it shouldn't unless the user has really loose security settings on IE, is that you will write a VBScript that catches the FS Commands then launches the exe on the hard drive.

    When you install FlashPLA.EXE it automatiaclly sets itself up to play SWF files. In otherwords when you double click your SWF it is playing inside the Standalone player and not in a web browser which is why it works when you just double click the SWF.

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    Thank you johnie for replying.
    I will turn to vb indeed.

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    To save you the headache I recommend you try to launch the exe from a standalone.

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