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Thread: XML write to txt

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    I am in the process of learning XML functionality in Flash and have two questions I hope someone can answer.

    1. Can flash write to the external xml file? In every example I see, I see flash creating XML, appending it, and otherwise manipulating it, but does it, alone, write to the XML file (or TXT) file that lives in the directory with it?

    2. If the above answer is no, would you recomend PHP as a method for writing to a text file? What is the saturation of PHP on servers? I hear I can not count on all servers to be equipped to read PHP. I would like to learn PHP as it seems the easiest and therefore the quickest for me to get going with.


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    1. No.

    2. Sure...

    PHP ASP PERL CGI - they're all easy to learn, if all you want to do is write a static file to the server. CGI would obviously be top on the list of 'supported'... ASP, PHP, and PERL are all about the same IMO.

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