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Thread: Stand-alone CD Roms

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    Stand-alone CD Roms

    Does anyone have any experience with producing stand-alone CDs with Flash - i am thinking of producing one and would like to have some heads-up on some important issues. Any advice or things to watch for? I will have some video clips and animation along with narration. I have been using Scala Infochannel Designer for previous ones but am thinking of switching over to Flash. I presently use Flash for websites but have not explored the possibilities of going with Flash for CD development.

    Any advice??

    Thank you,


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    I think the general concensus is that if you already know Flash you can easily leverage that knowledge to produce CD projects. If you have specific questions you'll find that everyone here is very willing to help save you some of the pain they've been through

    It can be as easy as dropping a Flash projector on a CD with an AUTORUN.INF file or you can get fancy and use a third party tool to beef up Flash to the point where it rivals the abilities of high priced apps like Director.

    Have a look through the older posts in this forum, there's been a lot of good advice dispensed here and it would be a shame to have it used once and lost.

    Hey! If anyone is interested in collecting the information from this forum into a FAQ list, I'd be happy to host it on my site. If such a beast already exists, could someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction?

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